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Between Awake and asleep It is a feeling of carelessness. The abandonment of responsibility and that sigh of fresh air when you are finally at peace. We feel these moments too sparingly, or do we? Would those moments feel as necessary if we had a day full of them? Of course not.

We need limits but not barriers. We need to release long enough to feel apart but stay close enough never to be out of reach. Keep reality and ration close but do not befriend them. However, understand that the backyard will always keep us young while the front yard keeps us sane. We can all remember times when we truly let go.

The nights where the decisions were not being made, they just were. The nights where the blackout allowed for the most colors. It was during those times we realized that it is not being fully gone that is the thrill. The thrill is in the anticipation of going. Things and people are going to experience some big changes during the next 6 months.

The holidays and the remora-like feelings that always accompany them are going to be tranquilized this year. The word tranquil-ized says it all. The holidays are going to be a bit more tranquil this year, but that will allow people the opportunity to gain a more personable and intimate experience. Holidays: raw and uncensored. There will be less glitz, glamour and fabricated joy to fill in the gaps. Just people on people. It should be fun. It will be a time when the leaves of the tree begin to really believe they came from a seed. We are not as complicated as we seem. We are only busy because we created the concept. Stress is just a product of our ingenuity.

There are a lot of people in this world of whom I am not a fan, but I do not doubt their ability to create. Never doubt the average American's potential to trick themselves into accomplishing something great. I have some faith in this country because there are too many people with too much stubborn but admirable pride to ever let it fail. We are all too some extent working with these people. We all too some extent ARE these people. I am certainly hesitant to throw my coins in the wells of others, but deep down there is something internally pure about the human being. That is why we should just stay positive, watch the breeze in the trees, see the sun on the earth's ground, get the hell out there and grab on to something. Remember, we should always stay within reach. Within reach of everything we need and everything we want. As long as we do this, we will always have something to grab on to. That way we can swing. Carefree.
Good luck guys.
Bob Finer III