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Have you ever felt shame? How about toxic shame? Shame is a fear-based internal state accompanied by feelings of being unworthy and unlovable. The causes of shame normally stem from our past experiences. Having parents or relationships that reject, humiliate, emotionally or physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, or abandonment (emotional or physical) may produce shame-prone children. The child feels that he must be really bad or his parents/or others would love him. The child has major feelings of being devalued and unworthy. These feelings stay with them to adulthood Continue Reading...
Waterfall enviornment to reduce stress and help with emotional rescue
You begin to act out your “toxic shame” by engaging in morally inappropriate behavior. Worrying what others think, fears of public failure and social disapproval lead to fears of rejection and abandonment. Having a life out of control due to addictions can foster great shame, which then makes you want more of your addictive substance or behavior.

Begin a healthy and happy life you deserve by addressing the shame in your life. You deserve to be happy! You are not bad. Begin to change all those toxic messages from your past . Begin to eliminate anything or anyone that is toxic to you. Wash away those destructive expectations that have been set up in your mind.
Take an emotional shower!
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