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Theresa M. Finer, CAC, CDVC, CAP
Executive Director,
AAR Counseling Services
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Currently the Executive Director of
AAR Counseling Services. Theresa has worked in the addictions counseling field for over 18 years. She is a Board Certified Addictions Counselor, Board Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, Board Certified Forensic Specialist Certified Student Assistance Trainer and Certified Hypnotherapist. She is the Past president of the Southwest Florida Rehabilitation Association.

 Theresa is the co-founder of All Around Rehabilitation Center LLC., specializing in Outpatient Detoxification Services for alcohol and other mind/mood altering substances. She is a National Consultant for corporations, private sector, non-profit organizations and independent contractors.

Before relocating to Florida, she conducted a private practice in Reading, Pennsylvania. She has designed, facilitated and implemented group programs for treating people with codependency, adult children of alcohol, addictive disorders, crisis intervention grief & loss, domestic violence, anger management conjoint therapy, stress management, anxiety, depression, therapy for the caretaker, special populations, and blended family interventions.  She has specialized training in treating individuals with chronic pain management.

Her education at HarvardUniversityMedicalSchool has provided her with a cutting edge approach in the addictions field. Theresa is co-author of a book titled "The Group Counseling Handbook." She has been a presenter at National State Conferences, and has written articles for numerous organizations. She has been a guest on local television and Radio show. She has been a keynote speaker for many organizations. To email Ms Finer; This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Dr. Vladimir J. Mathieu

Dr. Vladimir J. Mathieu, MD
Clinical Director

Dr. Mathieu, while completing his residency at the Reading Hospital Medical Center in Pennsylvania, covered for the medical director of the Caron Foundation, an in patient treatment center for treatment of psychiatric and substance abuse patients.  He was president of his chapter of the Student National Medical Association.  He is a member of: The American Academy of Family Physicians and the National Association of Doctors.  Dr. Mathieu is also on the staff of NaplesCommunityHospital and NorthCollierHospital. Dr. Mathieu has been in practice since 2000 as a partner with NaplesMedicalCenter. He is co-founder of All Around Rehabilitation Center LLC, an Outpatient day treatment service program specializing in detoxification for alcohol and other mind/mood altering substances.

Joanne Cox M.S., CPS

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Joanne is a Board Certified Prevention Specialist who specializes in the field of Alcohol & Substance Abuse and has a Master’s Degree from Hodges University. Prior to joining our Clinical Team, she dedicated the past nine years working with individuals suffering from substance abuse problems. Joanne has treated individuals for alcohol and drug abuse, stress management, co-occurring disorders and anger management. In addition to Joanne’s clinical skills, she demonstrates the importance and value of teamwork. Joanne has a compassionate client approach and always emphasizes the importance of exceptional client care. Joanne’s experience and approach offers a valuable addition to our Clinical Team and we are very proud to have her as a member of our Staff.

Joe Hal McDuffie AAR counseling servicesJoe Hal McDuffie

Mr. McDuffie graduated from
FloridaStateUniversity in 1968 with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology (Law Enforcement) and a minor in Personnel Management. Upon completion of college he served on active duty for three years in the U.S. Army as a Special Forces Officer and Infantry Platoon leader in Vietnam. He served with the 173 Airborne Brigades, being honorably discharged as a First Lieutenant.

He began his polygraph career in 1972 and founded Georgia Polygraph Consultants, Inc. in 1973. He helped institute the first polygraph pre-employment screening program for the Atlanta Police Department and served as Intern Supervisor for the Atlanta Police Department's first polygraph examiner. He was and served as Intern Supervisor for the Atlanta Police Department's first polygraph examiner. He was appointed by Governor George Busby to serve on the Georgia State Board of Polygraph Examiners. Mr. McDuffie served on this board from 1976 to 1988, which regulated the polygraph industry in the state.

He is a charter member of the National Polygraph Association and an associate member of the American Polygraph Association and a full member of the Florida Polygraph Association. He is certified as a polygraph examiner by the National Polygraph Association and attends seminars on a frequent basis. He is approved by the American Polygraph Association to conduct polygraph examinations for sex offender treatment and monitoring programs. Mr. McDuffie is recognized as an expert in the field of polygraph and has testified in Civil and Superior Courts as well as arbitration hearings conducted by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Mr. McDuffie is licensed in the state of Florida as a Private Investigator and meets all the requirements set out by the Employee Polygraph Protection Act for criminal, commercial and private polygraph testing. He is insured by Lloyds of London for polygraph testing as well as interviewing. For over 30 years, Mr. McDuffie has routinely assisted many different types of companies with internal investigations and security solutions. He has also assisted many companies across the United States with their hiring process by interviewing their perspective employees and conducting background investigations. Mr. McDuffie vast and varied experience has enabled him to provide training in interviewing techniques and procedures for many Human Resource Departments in the Southeast. Mr. McDuffie has been a guest speaker on WSB and WGST radio stations and has appeared on WXIA and CNN Future Watch television. He has been a speaker at numerous corporate and civic functions, and featured in The Atlanta Business Chronicle, The Gulf Coast Business Review and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.